GWM Ora 03 EV

Step into the future with GWM Ora 03 – a blend of retro charm and advanced technology! Powered by a 126kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, this electric marvel boasts a range of up to 420 km. Boasting the best Range-Per-Rand of any EV in South Africa, it’s the epitome of electric excellence without the premium price tag.

GWM Ora 03: Electrify Your Journey!

With its dual 10.25-inch touchscreens, sumptuous interior, and state-of-the-art park assist, every journey feels luxurious and effortless. Its exterior is a nod to classic designs, featuring a round set of headlights and a teardrop-shaped side profile.

And as a testament to our commitment to quality and trust, each GWM electric vehicle from Thorp GWM comes with our exceptional FREE 10-year/1 million km extended warranty.

GWM Ora 03 EV Highlights

GWM Ora 03 EV Specs

Introducing the GWM Ora 03, one of the first and most exhilarating fully electric vehicles in South Africa. Blending advanced technology with a competitive price, it’s set to electrify the streets of Cape Town and beyond. Dive into a world where electric drive meets uncompromised luxury!

Trim Engine Power (kW) Engine Torque (Nm) Electric Consumption (WLTP1) (kWh/100km) Electric Range (WLTP1) (km)
ORA 300 Super Luxury 126 250 16.7 310
ORA 400 Super Luxury 126 250 16.5 420
ORA 400 Ultra Luxury 126 250 16.5 420
ORA 400 GT Ultra Luxury 126 250 16.8 400
Trim Battery Capacity (kWh) AC Charging (0% – 100%) DC Charging (0% – 80%)
ORA 300 Super Luxury 48 5.5 hours @ 11 kW 50 minutes @ 64 kW
ORA 400 Super Luxury 63 6.8 hours @ 11 kW 59 minutes @ 67 kW
ORA 400 Ultra Luxury 63 6.8 hours @ 11 kW 59 minutes @ 67 kW
ORA 400 GT Ultra Luxury 63 6.8 hours @ 11 kW 59 minutes @ 67 kW

The EV experience

Imagine a drive so smooth that it feels like you’re gliding on air. With the instantaneous torque of its electric motor, you’ll enjoy rapid acceleration that’s both silent and exhilarating. Say goodbye to the vibrations, noise, and emissions of a traditional engine. Instead, embrace the harmonious hum and responsive power of this electric vehicle.

The Ora 03’s unmatched Range-Per-Rand makes it not just eco-friendly but also pocket-friendly. Enjoy intuitive controls, regenerative braking that recharges your battery as you decelerate, and the satisfaction of reducing your carbon footprint with every drive.

Experience the future of mobility today and discover why more South Africans are making the switch to the silent, powerful, and eco-conscious world of electric driving with the Ora 03! Book a test drive today!


Step inside the GWM Ora 03 and immerse yourself in an environment that expertly combines vegan-friendly materials with sheer luxury. The attention to detail is palpable, resonating a refined taste that sets this EV apart. Two 10.25-inch touchscreens are seamlessly integrated, ensuring you’re always in control, and every function is just a touch away.

One of the standout features is the rotary-style gear selector, a modern and intuitive approach to gear selection. Say goodbye to the traditional gear stick and embrace this innovative feature that adds to the car’s futuristic feel. This fully electric vehicle in South Africa isn’t just about being green – it’s about merging luxury, convenience, and cutting-edge design in one holistic package.


The GWM Ora 03 boasts an exterior that seamlessly marries retro charm with contemporary flair. Its distinctive round headlights evoke nostalgic feelings, while the teardrop-shaped side profile adds a dash of modern aerodynamics. The back showcases a unique tailgate, a feature that distinctly sets it apart from the EV crowd.

But there’s more than meets the eye:

  • An active air intake front grille for optimised performance.
  • Intelligent LED headlamps, paired with a ‘follow me home’ system and daytime running lights.
  • An LED taillight and rear fog lamp ensuring visibility.
  • Electrically adjustable ORVMs equipped with turn signals, a testament to the vehicle’s commitment to technology and convenience.

Each curve and design element comes together to form the Ora’s sensual and elegant body, making it not only a pleasure to drive but also a joy to behold. And with a palette of colors like Hamilton White/Sun Black, Mars Red, HR Blue, EM Beige, L5 Green, and LB Green, you can truly make the Ora 03 your own.

Convenience and Entertainment

Drive in style and stay connected with the Ora 03. The vehicle’s entertainment system ensures you’re never out of touch, even on the move. With automatic remote software updates, this remarkable EV for sale in Cape Town keeps evolving, ensuring you always have the latest features at your fingertips.

Safety Features

The GWM Ora is equipped with advanced camera technology, offering features like auto lane changing, traffic sign recognition, and automatic obstacle detection. Coupled with seven airbags, a high-strength steel body, and an automatic door release in emergencies, this EV in Cape Town sets new standards in safety. Plus, with Thorp GWM’s FREE extended warranty of 10 years/1 million km, you have peace of mind every time you hit the road.

GWM Ora Pricing

When it comes to the Ora 03 price, Thorp GWM ensures unparalleled value for such a groundbreaking electric vehicle – complete with our exclusive 10 year / 1 million km warranty. You won’t find a more affordable EV for sale in South Africa!

Model Price from Warranty
ORA EV 300 Super Luxury R686,950.00 FREE 10 Year, 1 Million KM Warranty. Exclusive to Thorp.
ORA EV 400 Super Luxury R775,950.00 FREE 10 Year, 1 Million KM Warranty. Exclusive to Thorp.
ORA 400 Ultra Luxury R805,950.00 FREE 10 Year, 1 Million KM Warranty. Exclusive to Thorp.
ORA EV 400 GT Ultra luxury R835,950.00 FREE 10 Year, 1 Million KM Warranty. Exclusive to Thorp.

FREE 10 Year, 1 Million KM Warranty. Exclusive to Thorp.

Choose the model that suits your preference and budget, and drive away in one of the most sought-after electric vehicles in Cape Town!


The GWM Ora 03 starts at R686,950 for the entry-level 300 Super Luxury model and goes up to R835,950 for the range-topping 400 GT Ultra Luxury. See more special offers and instalment pricing here.

The GWM Ora 03 is fully electric. It boasts a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with 126kW of power and a range of up to 420km (depending on the model).

The battery capacity varies depending on the model, ranging from 48kWh in the 300 Super Luxury to 63kWh in the higher trims.

The GWM Ora 03 is a 5-seater car, offering spacious and comfortable seating for the driver and passengers.

The Ora 03 competes with affordable EV cars in South Africa like the MINI Cooper SE and BYD Atto 3. The Ora 03 stands out from these with a cheaper starting prive and much more competitive warranty.

The GWM Ora 03 comes equipped with lane assist, emergency braking, a 360° camera, and seven airbags. As with many GWM cars, it received a 5-star safety rating from ANCAP, signifying its excellent safety performance.

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